Abell 21 in Ha

Having a few issues with Maxim , but things are starting to go to plan. Having the lodestar has made a great deal of difference 🙂 It’s great to have a choice of guide stars!!!

Two evenings imaging with few issues really tells me that I’ve made the right choice of guide cam 🙂

I don’t really do Galaxies – so have been hunting round for a nebula to image in the east. Found Abell 21, a very large planetary nebula.

Guiding was spot on for the whole evening. But I have strange stars 🙁

A 200% crop of one of the stars is below. I have a thread running on SGL >>HERE<<. I'm also going to contact Telescope House and see if they can give me some pointers on loosening the cell a little.

This is from a previous imaging run, showing that it isn’t tracking!

Left is 10 seconds, middle is 1 minute and right is 10 minutes all stretched to show the defect!

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