The Sun in three lights.

Had a good day today. Haven’t been out with the scope since March (and I still haven’t processed all the images from then…).

But today I setup a little Acer netbook to control the mount via Ascom / EQdir for guiding with the Lodestar. So might get some guided piggy back images over the winter 🙂

Then the Sun came out – so I took the opportunity.

This image is in CaK (top left), Ha (top right) and White light (bottom). All captured using the Skyris 274, Ha via the PST the Cak via a Skywatcher ST102 / Lunt Cak module and White Light via the ST102 and Lunt Herschel Wedge.


2 Day crescent with the C11

First result with the C11 that I’m happy with. A 2 day old crescent moon sitting in the west just below Venus – a very nice sight indeed.

I even looked through the eyepiece!

This is a 15 pane mosaic with the DMK21 and C11.


Sunrise 24/01

Russ made me do it 🙂

I got up and out in time to see and capture the sunrise…. Did get some funny looks from people.

Took 179 images these are the first 20 something of them, all cropped (100%) to match.

Hope you like.


The Sun came out – honest… I have pictures to prove it :)

Managed to get out yesterday with the PST and also used red insulation tape (rather a lot) to make the White light filter I have, that fits the ED80, fit the ST102.

I have never really been that happy with my white light imaging attempts in the past, and because of that I haven’t tried for years. Must be at least 5 years since I last tried.

Quite pleased with these though…

The Sun 27/09 White Light

The Sun 27/09 White Light

Then it clouded over! Well it is the UK. But 30 minutes later the clouds had gone and I managed to get out some more with the PST 🙂

The Sun 27/09 Ha

The Sun 27/09 Ha

The Sun 27/09 Ha

The Sun 27/09 Ha

M52 and The Bubble Nebula

The Bubble Nebula and Scorpion cluster.

10 x 10 minutes
9 x 20 minutes

Framed to make sure that I get both in, the H9 is fairly small shipped, but you have to work with what you have!!!

Quite like the framing of this show.

Usual setup ST102/H9. SX FW/OAG/Lodestar. Maxim, PHD, DSS, PSCS5…


The Veil Nebula 12/08/2014

The Veil Nebula.

25 x 10 minutes in Ha
10 x 10 minutes in OIII
2 x 15 minutes in SII

There was pretty much nothing there in a 15 minute sub of SII. I don’t have the SII filter anymore. But I suspect you’d need a hell of a lot more than 15 minutes to get anything workable.

Not sure about the colour mapping on this though!

The Veil Nebula

The Veil Nebula

SH2-101 The Tulip Nebula

Fairly obvious why it has its name.

8 x 5 minutes
10 x 10 minutes
10 x 20 minutes

Same as usual setup (ST102, Heq5, SX FW/OAG, Lodestar/PHD for guiding and SXH9/Maxin for capture).

Stacked in DSS, post processing in PSCS5

SH2-101 Tulip Nebula

The Pacman 22/08/2014

Just a little jaunt out, looking forward to winter.

This is a Skywatcher ST102 4″ F5 Achromat, with a Baader 7nm Ha filter. Guided using a SX Lodestar and SX OAG.

22 x 10 minutes.

The Pacman Nebula 22 x 10m ST102 7nm Ha

The Pacman Nebula
22 x 10m ST102 7nm Ha

The Moon 14/04/2014

Just found this image on my hard drive while tidying up. Thought it looked nice 🙂


A couple of lovely active regions.

Its been a while since I’ve mentioned how dangerous view the Sun can be.


There are a couple of lovely active regions all grouped together today.

Should be there for a day or two, so if you get a chance get out and have a look.

This was about 8 panes taken with the DMK21 and PST with the TV 2.5 powermate. Stitched together using Imerge. Usual capture and processing software (Registax5, ICap2.3, PSCS5), gain was a little too high, but didn’t notice that till I was packing away. Exposures were 1/2000. Each frame was around the best 300 of a 2000 frame AVI.

Seriously its a lovely view, if you can have a look go for it.