The Sun came out – honest… I have pictures to prove it :)

Managed to get out yesterday with the PST and also used red insulation tape (rather a lot) to make the White light filter I have, that fits the ED80, fit the ST102.

I have never really been that happy with my white light imaging attempts in the past, and because of that I haven’t tried for years. Must be at least 5 years since I last tried.

Quite pleased with these though…

The Sun 27/09 White Light

The Sun 27/09 White Light

Then it clouded over! Well it is the UK. But 30 minutes later the clouds had gone and I managed to get out some more with the PST :)

The Sun 27/09 Ha

The Sun 27/09 Ha

The Sun 27/09 Ha

The Sun 27/09 Ha

M52 and The Bubble Nebula

The Bubble Nebula and Scorpion cluster.

10 x 10 minutes
9 x 20 minutes

Framed to make sure that I get both in, the H9 is fairly small shipped, but you have to work with what you have!!!

Quite like the framing of this show.

Usual setup ST102/H9. SX FW/OAG/Lodestar. Maxim, PHD, DSS, PSCS5…


The Veil Nebula 12/08/2014

The Veil Nebula.

25 x 10 minutes in Ha
10 x 10 minutes in OIII
2 x 15 minutes in SII

There was pretty much nothing there in a 15 minute sub of SII. I don’t have the SII filter anymore. But I suspect you’d need a hell of a lot more than 15 minutes to get anything workable.

Not sure about the colour mapping on this though!

The Veil Nebula

The Veil Nebula

SH2-101 The Tulip Nebula

Fairly obvious why it has its name.

8 x 5 minutes
10 x 10 minutes
10 x 20 minutes

Same as usual setup (ST102, Heq5, SX FW/OAG, Lodestar/PHD for guiding and SXH9/Maxin for capture).

Stacked in DSS, post processing in PSCS5

SH2-101 Tulip Nebula

The Pacman 22/08/2014

Just a little jaunt out, looking forward to winter.

This is a Skywatcher ST102 4″ F5 Achromat, with a Baader 7nm Ha filter. Guided using a SX Lodestar and SX OAG.

22 x 10 minutes.

The Pacman Nebula 22 x 10m ST102 7nm Ha

The Pacman Nebula
22 x 10m ST102 7nm Ha

The Moon 14/04/2014

Just found this image on my hard drive while tidying up. Thought it looked nice :)


A couple of lovely active regions.

Its been a while since I’ve mentioned how dangerous view the Sun can be.


There are a couple of lovely active regions all grouped together today.

Should be there for a day or two, so if you get a chance get out and have a look.

This was about 8 panes taken with the DMK21 and PST with the TV 2.5 powermate. Stitched together using Imerge. Usual capture and processing software (Registax5, ICap2.3, PSCS5), gain was a little too high, but didn’t notice that till I was packing away. Exposures were 1/2000. Each frame was around the best 300 of a 2000 frame AVI.

Seriously its a lovely view, if you can have a look go for it.


Some proms from the 1st June.

I wanted to get a whole sequence on the first, started off such a nice day – but once again the weather got in the way! I managed to get three – but it does show quite a bit of change in just a few hours.

Here are a couple of Proms from last Sunday, the 1st of June.Sun-Dmk21_TV0006



The Sun 4th may 2014

A very hazy day. Really quite dire here, but for a brief moment the sun came out and I managed to capture some solar proms. There was a really nice prom, which was many times bigger than Earth.




Leo Triplet

I don’t do galaxies, I have a new scope thanks to FLO, an ST102. A 102mm F5 achromat. I usually image in Narrow Band where the type of scope is not important.

Trouble is in spring there are pretty much no narrowband targets… so I went for the Leo triplet.

The transparency was really good when I set up, but quickly turned rather milky, which got worse as the moon rose. The wind also picked up quite a bit, but the ST102 is quite a small scope.

This image in 28 x 3 minutes, with Darks and Bias calibration frames used in processing. I will be going through the lights tomorrow as I’m sure that at least a couple need to be thrown out.