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Planets page updated

I seem to have lost Mars. I only have one decent image of Mars and I’ve lost it 🙁 EDIT: Found it!

I’ve added my sequence of Venus from 2008/2009 and a Jupiter and Venus image. This is probably the last I’ll do of the planets for a while as the scope that I now have isn’t ideally suited to the high magnifications that you need to planetary imaging.

You can see the page >>HERE<<

Getting to grips with the software.

I have been playing around with the software for a few days and am slowly working out what does what! But I’m trying to turn off comments. Last thing I need is a load of dodgy spam making the site look messy.

Part of the Atmospheric effects page now has images in it. Just realising just how many of my images and thumbnails weren’t consistent.

Welcome to my new home

Having seen a spate of friends with flashy new blogs, I thought that maybe I should do one of my own! I will slowly start to populate the pages and I’m very hopeful for a good autumn and winter!

Any comments greatfully received.