Jupiter 20/12/2013

First time out with the scope for around 18 months. Needed to get out again and make sure that the mount still work after the fall – pleased to say that everything worked flawlessly.

Seeing wasn’t too bad, but the wind was a big problem even in my sheltered location. The FLT98 is really a wide field DSO imaging scope, but shows that it can still produce a nice high powered planetary image.

This was around a 40 second AVI at 60FPS captured using the FLT98 and DMK21 with a TV 2.5 powermate, giving a FL of 1543mm – aligned and stacked in AVI Stack, wavelets in Registax 5 and some final tweeks in Photoshop.

Next time I’ll use the Skymax 127 – using the same camera and barlow will give a FL of 4762.

Ganymede, Europa and Jupiter

Ganymede, Europa and Jupiter

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