18th February 2014

Saw the Moon, Jupiter and another planet that I’m not going to mention.

Took some pictures of each and have finished processing the Jupiter ones.

Generally with planet imaging you take a movie, get as many individual frames as you can inside a minute and then use some specialist software to try and counter atmospheric distortions.

You can use the quality settings to control how many frames you use in the final image. This movie was 3600 frames (1minute at 60fps), during processing I used the quality setting 97 (198), quality setting 85 (1500) and all of them (3600) to produce three different images. With the plan to see which method is best.

All images were processed in exactly the same way in Registax 5 and Photoshop CS5.

It seems that the more isn’t always the merrier…

jup0001_different qualityresults

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