Horsehead and flame

Well the lodestar is working well! are spot on 🙂

I had excellent guiding all evening, the lodestar is really REALLY sensitive – cannot really get over just how sensitive it is. I decided to take a 30 minute test exposure, but actually set it for an hour by mistake. At the end of the hour I waited for the image to download and found that a plugin in Maxim had crashed and the image was lost.


But restarting the software I took 2 x 10 minutes and 1 x 30 minutes. The result is below. Again very happy – not just to be out under the stars but to have things working for a change.

So tonight I saw… Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn. A nebula (the Flame) a dust cloud (horse head) and two galaxies containing 100’s of billions of stars… Really can it get much better than that!

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